TIME TO DANCE! April 21, 2018 10:00-2:00PM

We invite you to join us as we celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary, providing AFFORDABLE dance Classes to the community. 

Free 30 minutes sample classes. All are welcomed, no dance experience required. Classes are first come , first serve. NO reservations required. 

Tuition Discounts

NEW students that enroll in a ONE MONTH session on Free Dance Day pay NO registration contribution. 

Refreshments will be served and there will be some special performances

We look forward to meeting you and enjoying a FUN day!

Sundays April 15-May 27 *All inquiries must be sent to

Raqs Sharqi (Belly Dance) Technique and Short Combinations


In this series, we will delve into fundamental upper and lower body vocabulary as it applies to various arab rhythms. All technique will be analyzed and repeated, and some improvisation will be explored. This is a open-level class and all exercises will be adapted for each individual working towards their personal goals.

World Fusion Dance


In this series, Sonia will introduce a brand new choreography, representing essential vocabulary from a host of dance forms. She will touch upon Middle-Eastern, North African, Spanish, Indian and contemporary/classical styles. This is a great way to explore the subtleties of diverse dances as they are thoughtfully integrated.

For the full series:

$200 for both series 

(14 classes) 

$110 for one series 

(7 classes)

Drop-ins are welcomed for $20 per hour class

*MUST RSVP by April 14th by submitting payment via PayPal to: DANSONIA@MAC.COM (please select the 'friends' option)*

**All sales are final and non-refundable**

Flamenco and Spanish Dance Workshops with Paloma Gomez

10:00-11:15AM Beginning Flamenco

11:00-12:00PM Intermediate Flamenco (Choreography)

12:00-1:00PM   Intermediate Flamenco/Spanish Dance with Castanets

$150.00 for all 3 Classes

$60.00  one class

  PALOMA GÓMEZ, Guest artist / Faculty / Dancer /

Choreographer / Founder & Artistic Director of Paloma Gómez Flamenco & Spanish Dance Company.

From the age of three Paloma bagan a life devoted to dance in all its forms and studied at several renowned schools as the National Spanish Ballet School and Maria de Ávila Dance School in Madrid. 

Through her extensive formative years, she was taught by outstanding masters of dance including: Lola de Avila (Classical Ballet), José Antonio (current director of the National Ballet of Spain) with whom she will later share the stage as lead dancer, Azary Plisetsky (Classical Ballet), Jorge Esquivel (Classical Ballet), Victoria Eugenia “Beti” (Classical Spanish Dance), Paco Romero (Classical Spanish Dance), Goyo Montero (Jazz Dance), Carl París (Modern and Contemporary Dance) and Pedro Azorín (Spanish Folklore). 

She graduated with the highest qualification for the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance “Mariemma” at Madrid in Classical Spanish Dance, Escuela Bolera and Flamenco speciality. 

At the age of 17 she became a member of the National Ballet of Spain where she would stay for four years. 

Always as lead dancer, she would later partake, amongst others, in companies such as ‘José Antonio and the Spanish Ballets' under the direction of José Antonio and the ‘New Ballet of Spain' under the direction of Angel Rojas and Carlos Rodríguez. She would also act as costume designer of some of this company’s productions and acted as assistant artistic director. With this company, Paloma would perform in some of the most prestigious theatres around the world. In 2000 she founded her own dance company and direct two shows: ‘De Lunares' and ‘De Tapas' touring at national and international level both as dancer, director and choreographer. 

In recent years, and in all the above roles, she has twice represented Spain in the Caracas International Dance Stars Festival (Venezuela). She has also choreographed the musical ‘Carmen 2006' for the International Taiwan Artists Association, one of the most influential arts production companies in Asia, with A-mei as Carmen and Ado as José. The production was first performed at the Taipei Arena (Taiwan) before 8,000 spectators, followed by an Asian tour in 2007. 

Since 2007, Paloma has been a guest artist for the Ensemble Español’s annual American Spanish Dance & Music Festival in Chicago. She has also choreographed some works on the company. A contemporary Flamenco drama titled Encuentros (Encounters) and an old style Spanish Dance choreography (Bolera School) “Boleras”

Paloma has been invited by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School (Canada) to give a conference on Spanish dance history. The Professional Dance Conservatory of Granada, the Professional Dance Conservatory of Córdoba, the Professional Dance Conservatory of Málaga and the Higher Dance Conservatory of Valencia invite her as a lecturer on the subject of stylised Spanish dance during the cultural weeks of 2008, 2009 and 2010. Also she distributes flamenco master classes in Israel (Amishav Community Center de Petach Tikva and Jerusalem) and Australia (Studio Flamenco School in Adelaide, Danza Viva in Perth, Casa del Compás in Perth, The Flamenco Centre in Canberra, Laura Uhe Flamenco in Melbourne and Pasion Flamenco Dance School in Sydney).

She was guest star artist by the Alicia Alonso Institute of Dance at the Juan Carlos I University in Madrid, dancing at the gala concert tribute to Alicia Alonso in the 20th Anniversary of the institute creation, celebrating at the Teatro de la Zarzuela of Madrid, with the attendance of her Majesty, the Spanish queen, Doña Sofía.

As an actress she was the lead character in the shortmovie "Umbrales" under direction of Luis Lorente. Its world premier was at the International Latin Film Festival of Chicago in 2012, at the Cervantes Institute. 

She was invited as guest artist at St. Louis Spring Dance Festival in 2011. During this year she created some new choreographies, "Alhambra" for the Professional Conservatory of Dance of Granada whose premier was at the International Music and Dance Festival of Granada and "Boleras" for the Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater of Chicago, whose premier took place at the International Spanish Dance Festival of Chicago 2012. 

Her last production for her own company, Paloma Gómez Flamenco & Spanish Dance is "Rotas/ Broken" which premiered on May 2014 at Teatro Marquina in Madrid. Now “Rotas” had its international premier at Northeastern Illinois University Auditorium of Chicago on November 2014. The premier of the film "Broken, Dancing Real Life" based on her last show "Rotas" under direction of Luis Lorente, took place in 2016 at the Latin Film Festival of Chicago, where she is one of the main characters in the film.

Paloma keeps teaching and performing as guest artist around the US, Australia, Singapur, Switzerland and Spain. She is making her premiere in Los Angeles on June 23, 2018.