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Los Angeles FUSION Dance Theater


Albertossy Espinoza founded the company in 2004 to expand the boundaries of dance performance by fusing dance, music, costumes, acting, lighting and set designs to create a new world on stage. Through its repertoire, the company touches upon many daily and social issues as well as emotions. With trained dancers the company offers a broad range of skills both to performance and teaching. Each dancer offers a different form of dance style and uniqueness that make the company very versatile. The mission of Los Angeles FUSION  Dance Theater is to fuse together the rich diversity of different cultures through dance.

LAFDT serves as a forum for collaborations among artists and educators to share their talents with the community and the world. The artistic philosophy is to contribute to the art of dance with creations of innovative work and integrate the practices of performance and teaching.

Through music and movement, Los Angeles FUSION Dance Theater welcomes you to a wonderland in which dreams and reality come together as one.  A FUSION of life!



Raélle Dorfan (Dancer)  born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Raelle immigrated to California in  1999, where she continued her education in dance, choreography  production and performance - graduating with a BA degree from UCLA's  World Arts & Culture's Dance Department. She has studied various  forms of dance such as Ballet, African, Tap, Flamenco, Modern, Jazz, Hip  Hop & Musical Theater. Raelle currently teaches dance and pilates  for kids and adults in Los Angeles, and works at a booking/consulting  agency specializing in dance companies and world music/Jazz artists. She  is excited to be dancing with Los Angeles FUSION Dance Theater, and  Pacifico Dance Company.

Milva Rinaldelli (Dancer) a  native of Argentina, began classical and tap dance training at age 4 in  Buenos Aires. She trained at Argentina's National School of Dance Maria  Ruanova, and graduated as a professional dance instructor. Milva  continued her studies at the University of Arts in Buenos Aires,  Argentina and graduated as a national professor of classical and modern  dance. She also received a national scholarship to attend an intensive 3  year course in contemporary dance at the Gral. San Martin Theater. Her  studies included, the following techniques, Graham, Limon, Cunningham,  and Jazz. The following year she founded her own dance company "Los  Pastelitos de Smucker," and worked as choreographer and director for a  year. Milva’s other credits in Argentina are, performances with  choreographer Maria Jose Goldin, with whom she travelled throughout  Mercosur (Brasil, Uruguay and Argentina). After relocating to Los  Angeles, she has worked with several choreographers including, Melinda  Ring, Yolanda York, Kiha Lee, Akwetta Colbert, Albertossy Espinoza and  Regina Klenjoski. In 2009 she received her power yoga certificate, and  founded Danzeyoga for Kids. Dance remains a big  part of her life and she continues to develop this passion by teaching,  choreographing, dancing and investigating the language of the body.

Beatriz Eugenia-Vasquez (Dancer) is a multifaceted Dancer, choreographer and Instructor, born in Bogota Colombia. She studied with Internationally world known teachers: Premier Danseur, Teacher and Choreographer Myles Marsden, Emeritus Professor of dance Lynn McMurray, Les Ballets du Rhin’s Ballet Mistress Dora Krannig, and at The Joffrey Ballet School in NY. She has danced with Ballet 2000, The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, Green Stage Alliance/Stage of the Arts, Casa 0101, Central Avenue Dance Ensemble, Pacific Standard Time, Comfort Disturb Troupe, Mojacar Flamenco Dance Company, and recently joined Los Angeles Fusion Dance Theater. She has also danced and choreographed for vocal recording Artists: Archer Black, Arnold G, JD Mata and Leopold Nunan. Beatriz has collaborated with Visual Artists: Eros, Tiger Munson, Eva Montealegre and Gronk. Beatriz also dances for world famous Tap dancer Chester Whittmore with whom she has toured and performed at the Musical International Museum in Arizona, The Ford Theatre, and Los Angeles Metro. Beatriz is the founder and director of 3-19 Dance Art (Where Magical Realism meets Dance). 

Her work has been performed at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 

Grand Performances at California Plaza, UCLA, USC, Highways Performance Art Space, One City One Pride, The Marilyn Monroe Theatre at The Lee Strasberg Institute, Festival De La Calle 8, Human Resources Gallery, The Memorial Play House, Bach In The Subways 2015, 2016 & 2017 (Union Station), The Pico Rivera Sports Arena, The Craft and Folk Art museum, The Festival of Books at USC and for Encuentro De Las Americas Theatre Festival at Los Angeles Theatre Center. Beatriz has worked as choreographer for The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, Teatro Akabal,

Casa 0101, The Watts Village Theatre Company, Macha Theatre, Cabaret Tango, and the impressive production of Cristo Vive with a cast of over 140 performers at The Million Theatre in 2017 and this year’s current production to be performed at the Orpheum Theatre Directed by Denise Blasor . Beatriz worked as choreographer, coach and judge for Miss Mamacita TV Web series which aired fall 2015 and the 2017 season which is in pre production.

On December 2015 her work was recognized by the Latin community in the USA by receiving the International GVII Award, and subsequently the same month receiving the excellence award by Festival De La Calle 8 in Los Angeles. Beatriz is also an alumni of the prestigious Directors Lab West 2016.

Masha A. Balovlenkov (Dancer) began her artistic career in musical theater, but found dancing during high school while studying at the Peabody Conservatory.  Growing up in Baltimore, she began her professional career as principal dancer with AirDance Bernasconi and also performed with Robert Moses, Roger Jeffrey, and Kevin Iega Jeff.  Following graduation from Goucher College with a degree in dance with distinction, she moved to Chicago where she was a company member with Paul Sanasardo Dance Theater, apprentice with Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, and performed for Dmitri Peskov, Nana Shineflug and Nathaniel Trice.   She has also performed with choreographers and companies in Los Angeles, London, North Carolina, Colorado, and more.

She is also known for her choreography.  She began choreographing in Chicago, where she and three other dancers were mentored by Paul Sanasardo to form Fôr Dance Company, where she works as co-artistic director.  She also choreographed for United Artist Pictures: The Express, Bollydoll: A Live Cinema Experience, the Ace Awards Featuring Bollydoll, South by Southwest, the independent film Life Lessons, The Josh Weckesser Dance Spectacular, and Dance Chicago.




Olé Gitano - Company 10:00

The fusion of modern and  flamenco dance spired by the tale of the male gypsy that adored women. A  fun piece with flashes of feet pounding out Gypsy rhythms and fluid  shakes, shimmies and body rolls.  

Into The Light - Quartet 8:36

Entering a new world, a new beginning of life. The joy of the free spirit.  

Passage - Trio 6:00

The process of passing from one condition or stage to another; transition.

Un Secreto - Solo 5:34

The struggles of playing  the role society dictates based on your gender is the biggest  discrimination to date. Don't judge a book by its cover and read what is  within. So it should be among people of different background and  lifestyles.

Ritual - Quartet 12:00

A fictional ritual of boys becoming men. Showing their sensuality, animal instincts, strength and their sense of exploration.

3 Is A Crowd - Trio 9:35

Flirt, meet, date,  experiment and break up. An up beat portrayal of young love. Fusing  rhythm and blues with modern/jazz dance to create a portrait of  sensuality and love.

He Who Sees - Solo 6:00

"Sometimes it is better not  to see" "Do we like what we see?" "Sometimes I think Darkness is  better" It is about sometimes not wanting to see what is out there.  Staying safe in darkness. Sometimes we just don’t want to see what is  out in the world.

Warriors - Quartet 8:00

Searching for peace in  world full of anger, disbelief, misunderstandings, terrorism, and wars.  Salute to soldiers all over the world. 

Sweet Dream - Duet 4:40

The love story of two souls  that came together. The ultimate love, the ying yeng and the need for  each other. A tale of how the body, mind and heart can connect to become  one. A tale of a couple parting ways, but not being able to let go.  Trying to hold on to what once was. The struggles of a broken heart.

Trapped - Solo 7:08

The constant struggle with  depression, failure, sadness and wishing for death. Always bound by an  unknown force that wants to lead you to darkness. A bare soul trying to  survive.

Fuego - Duet 4:20

The hot Latino dance form of Salsa combined with modern dance moves to create a passionate picture, hot fever.

Shall We Dance - Company 6:00

Sharing the passion and freedom to live and love. There are no boundaries when it comes to true love.

Flirt Trio 3:41

Fun, Flirt, Play, Engage, Conquer.

Torero Solo 3:12

A paso doble solo with the bull fighter “capa de torero.” Passion, fire and footwork that transport you to Spain. 

Breathe Trio 4:19

To breathe and rely on a friend to support you through the good and the bad. Breathing together as one.

Forbidden Love Duet 7:40  

Two lovers that are forbidden to reveal their love to the world. The passion and anger of not being able to be together for life. 

Why? Solo 3:10  

The struggles of being knocked down and getting up again. Resisting, fighting, living.   

Lady In Red Duet 3:32  

That time when you are in a night club and across the dance floor you see a beauty in Red. Love at first sight.

Asturias Solo 5:30  

Spanish classical.    



Choreography: Albertossy Espinoza

Dancers: Masha Balovlenkov, Albertossy Espinoza, Beatriz Eugenia-Vasquez

Awakenings & Beginnings International Dance Festival


"Forbidden Love"

Choreography: Albertossy Espinoza

Dancers: Albertossy Espinoza, Milva Rinaldelli 

Long Beach Dance Festival



Choreography: Albertossy Espinoza

Dancer: Albertossy Espinoza

Awakenings & Beginnings International Dance Festival 


"Lady In Red"

Choreography: Raélle Dorfan, Albertossy Espinoza

Dancers: Raélle Dorfan, Albertossy Espinoza

FUSION Benefit 


"Sweet Dream"

Choreography: Albertossy Espinoza

Dancers: Albertossy Espinoza, Milva Rinalldelli

Outreach Assembly, Barrio Action Family & Youth Center



Choreography: Albertossy Espinoza

Dancer: Albertossy Espinoza

Casa España de Fontana Celebration